How Does it Work?

KeyLines will integrate data visualization capability into your web applications easily and with very little effort.

How you collect and store the data is entirely up to you. Using KeyLines, you can build an application to instantly render it into an interactive data visualization chart, completely customized to your needs.

Your data stays in your control at all times: KeyLines is self-contained and needs no external connections.

KeyLines Architecture

All the features you need

Dynamic network support, automatic layouts, powerful node manipulation, social network analytics, filters and more.

Our Features

Unrivalled compatibility

KeyLines is flexible enough to run in most browsers, on any platform and on any device, including iPads and smart phones.

Supported Platforms

100% Customizable

Design and build your own custom network visualization software, quickly and easily.

Customizing KeyLines

Military Intelligence

Add a new dimension to military data analysis using using network visualization. Map terrorist networks, plan counter-insurgency activity and understand the dynamics of 21st century combat.
Military Intelligence

Combatting Fraud

Exploit network link analysis techniques and gain an advantage over fraudsters and criminal gangs. Use KeyLines to maximize your intelligence and uncover suspicious activity.
Fraud Management

Business Intelligence

Visualize the trends and patterns beneath your business data. Understand your operations, sales and marketing activity and gain the upper hand on your competitors.
Business Intelligence

  • By introducing this kind of leading-edge software, we have not only fixed a problem for today, but also ensured that we are able to meet the needs of our Members in the future.

    — Simon Fitzgerald, CIFAS
  • It has been a pleasure working with Cambridge Intelligence. In particular, KeyLines is a wonderful product with an elegant, simple but powerful API. I highly recommend this product for all your data visualization needs!

    — Lead Developer
  • When working with KeyLines, the product has exceeded my expectations, the performance is outstanding, the data visualization is cutting edge and the solution is robust.

    — Product Specialist
  • KeyLines has really represented a step-change in how CIFAS communicates and uses data. Within a week of going live, new frauds were detected with the system.

    — Simon Fitzgerald, CIFAS
  • I have been working with Cambridge Intelligence for the past 4 months. The working relationship that I have with them is exceptional. Cambridge Intelligence continues to work diligently to understand our needs and ensure that KeyLines meets our requirements.

    — Product Specialist
  • The level of understanding that Cambridge intelligence has of visualization and lightweight web technologies is exceptional.

    — Product Specialist