KeyLines offers a collection of powerful and sophisticated functionality
to make your visualizations more effective

KeyLines is a flexible JavaScript toolkit for incorporating custom network visualization into your applications quickly, easily and in the most cost-effective way possible.

When our customers purchase our software, they get access to a sophisticated library containing a growing collection of features and functionality.

Note: Some features are only available in KeyLines Professional Edition. For more details, visit our Editions page.

Performance and unrivalled compatibility

By combining HTML5 with a complete fall-back version built in Flash, KeyLines provides unrivalled browser compatibility and excellent performance. Touchscreen devices are also supported, with touch event and gesture capability on iPhones, iPads, Android and Windows touchscreen devices.

High performance graphics supporting around 1000 chart elements

Compatible with any browser, including most legacy versions

Native touchscreen device support

Design your own application

KeyLines is a toolkit, not a pre-built application. This gives you the ability to construct a visualization tool custom to your specific requirements. Nodes, links, backgrounds, glyphs, animations and menus can be readily changed and entire functions can be added or removed with just a few lines of code.

Choose from our collection of icons or use your own.

Add context with labels, glyphs and annotation bubbles.

Incorporate sophisticated animations into your application.

The Time Bar

The KeyLines Time Bar gives users an intuitive way to rapidly filter their networks by time and understand how their data is evolving.

Instantly select the period of time you want to visualize

Track multiple nodes through time

Visualize nodes entering and leaving the network

Precise, useful layouts

We have built six precise and powerful layouts that help untangle links and reveal hidden structures in your data: Standard, Structural, Radial, Incremental and Hierarchical.

Untangle your links and reveal the underlying structure

Great for showing an organization’s management structure

Add new data to the chart

Combine, group and analyze

With complex networks, grouping nodes by shared characteristics or combining those with a common function can cut through the noise to find the relationship patterns you need to see.

Use Combinations to merge nodes by any common feature

Represent gangs, cells and affiliations or just tidy your charts

Retain all of your underlying data for restoring later

Filtering your networks

Our easy to use filters allow you to hide groups of nodes from the chart, so you can focus on the nodes and networks that you want to explore.

Filter complex networks to find the nodes and individuals that matter

Filter based on any characteristic you can define

Design your own custom filters based on your own filter logic

Social Network Analysis

Using a variety of powerful social network analysis measures, you can find influencers, broadcasters, connectors and other important nodes in a network.

Identify key people in your networks based on various centrality measures

Combine social network analysis with filters to explore connectedness

Isolate and highlight paths through your networks