Visualizing a Neo4j Graph Database

Build powerful and sophisticated visualization
applications for your Neo4j graph database

Neo4j visualization with KeyLines

Neo4j is the world’s most widely-used graph database, with tens of thousands of successful deployments. The technology is available under both open source and commercial license terms from Neo Technology.

Using the Neo4j graph database, it’s possible to store and traverse billions of nodes and links with an excellent level of efficiency and robustness.

KeyLines gives users the ability to visualize any Neo4j graph database, to see and understand sub-sets and dynamics of the graph. Using KeyLines’ Cypher connector code, users can query the underlying data in a visual way – calling new data from the database by interacting with the chart.

Getting Started: How to visualize the Neo4j graph database

Download our getting started guide to visualizing the Neo4j graph database with KeyLines.

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Neo4j visualization with KeyLines

Architecture for Neo4J Visualization

Connecting KeyLines to your existing Neo4j graph database is very simple.

KeyLines comes with sample code that shows how to retrieve nodes and links from your Neo4j database by issuing Cypher queries. These are simple AJAX requests. Neo4j returns the results in a JSON format which can then be visually styled and shown in KeyLines. Integration of the two products can be done by your own development team, or ours.

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