Who Needs to Visualize Networks?

By visualizing your data you will better understand the structures which lie beneath.
No matter what your purpose, to influence a network you first need to see it.

Military Intelligence

Link analysis and network analysis can highlight key weaknesses in chains of command or give clues to seniority of the players.

Law enforcement

Link analysis between victims and suspects are routinely used during the legal process to identify and convict wrongdoers.

Cyber Security

Combine your data silos and process your data more quickly and effectively using a network visualization application


Use network visualization to unify, understand and exploit your banking big data - for compliance, CRM, resourcing and infrastructure management

Combatting Fraud

Use link analysis to understand a gang's connections can help to discover how the fraud was carried out or who the organizers might be.


Link analysis diagrams can show relationships between companies, directors and shareholders. Gain advantage by knowing someone's position in these power networks.

IT infrastructure

Integrating KeyLines into existing network management software can give IT teams the 360-degree visibility they need of their infrastructure networks.

Social networks

Increasingly Facebook and Twitter networks are the way that people hear news. Visualization software can show how news is flowing.


Network visualization and analysis can help pharma companies join up their data management and discovery activities

Business Intelligence

Networks and graphs can be used to answer almost any business intelligence (BI) question involving a connection; from finding fraud patterns to understanding customer churn.

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